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What to expect during a coaching session?

Coaching sessions at the Coaching and Motivation Room are client centered. The journey begins with an initial free consultation to find out what works best for the client. The second step is setting up the first coaching session. Here is what to expect during the first session:

SAFE stands for:

S=Safe and comfortable place to share your concerns.

A=Achievement and personal goal orientation. The session is oriented toward achieving what you desire.

F=Free of judgement: all problems are valid, and this is a judgement-free zone.

E=Engaging: the session is about you, the client, and the coach will engage you in series of coaching techniques to help you achieve your desired outcome.

To make sure we achieve safety we provide the ROOM to be safe.

ROOM stands for:





Inside the room, the client is free to discuss, share, dream, and talk about anything they feel comfortable sharing. The session is not designed to force a specific solution or opinion on the client. Coaching empowers clients to discover their personal obstacles, remove them, and find the right approach to achieve continued success. We trust the process, and we trust our clients.

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