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Professional Development

Instructor-led professional development designed with your objectives in mind

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Managing difficult behavior

Leadership is not without its challenges, particularly when it comes to dealing with negative attitudes and difficult behaviors in the workplace. Uncooperative employees can disrupt the environment, impact company culture, and influence the behavior of others. Our training program focuses on equipping leaders with the skills to handle difficult behaviors, contain negative influences, and build resilient teams. Learn conflict resolution techniques, cultivate a positive work environment, enhance employee performance, and apply practical strategies to overcome obstacles. Join us today and empower yourself as a leader to create a harmonious and high-performing workplace.

Conflict resolution

Peer conflict can cause serious damage to the workplace including team relationship, unhealthy competition, and high turnover rates. These damaging outcomes of unresolved persistent peer conflict can lead to employee burnout, loss of productivity, and delays in projects. This training focuses on analyzing the causes of conflicts, transforming conflicts into preventative measures and solutions, developing problem-solving mindset, increasing workplace engagement, and improving employee experiences.

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Team building

Dysfunctional teams need transformation, newly formed teams require structure, and seasoned teams need opportunities to energize. The focus of this training is to address norming, emotional intelligence, problem solving, team dynamics, and resilient mindset in teams. COAs will be developed during the session.

Motivation and resilience

Challenging times and adversities impact everyone. Covid-19 caused many employers to carefully reexamine their policies and regulations and revisit their priorities. This training focuses on how to keep your workforce motivated and how to build resilience to face off future problems.

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