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To empower individuals to be the leaders they wish to be by unlocking their resilience and motivation to improve performance, work relationships, production, overcome adversities, and build resilient teams that can function regardless of external circumstances.

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Why Coaching and Motivation Room?

  1. Free consultation to make an informed decision and avoid wasting time and money.

  2. Safe place to experience growth and remove blocks.

  3. No judgement zone, all problems, feelings, and experiences are valid.

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Professional Development Approach

We provide an engaging learning experience that is informative and fun by following these simple steps:

  1. Transformative learning.

  2. Adult learning strategies.

  3. Learner-centered sessions.

We are experienced in professional development and adult learners therefore we know it is not one size fits all. Thus, we do not offer off the shelf type of training. Training sessions are tailored to your specific needs and are led by an instructor. This is because we value your time and understand that you would like to see the ROI. We work with you to make sure the training is designed to deliver the outcomes you desire. The attendees will develop actionable goals and plans of action (COAs) to implement at work. 


Founder of Coaching and Motivation Room

  • Organizational Leadership-Harvard Business School 

  • Master Certified Life Coach (ICF).

  • Motivational Speaker Certification (IAP)

  • Doctorate of Education-eLearning (Ed.D.)

  • Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Dima presented in many professional platforms including but not limited to:​



  • CLTA



Dima's story coming soon

Audience Reviews

What People Are Saying


I attended Dima’s workshop about dealing with difficult behavior. I had a major AHA moment during the workshop. I spoke to her about that after the workshop and I was very emotional. We had a very pleasant conversation. Just work with her you will be amazed at her capabilities. Her session was interactive, no dull moments, and the information includes real life examples that you can relate to. Highly recommended, thank you for a wonderful session.

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